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Are You A Photographer

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We all get so hung up on our camera's don't we?

As technological advances take place camera phones improve, everyone has some sort of camera and is a budding fine art artist. I will forever remember a conversation that I had with a friend of mine Ed Bicknell. We were having a discussion about the art of photography marketing. I was explaining that every corner I turn around there is a new budding photographer flooding the market with me too images, creating market value confusion. I will never forget what he said next...

Not everyone who owns a camera is a photographer. Stop and think about it. Because someone owns a typewriter are they a writer? Own a tool box, a qualified finished carpenter? Have a set of paint brushes in the house? You must be the next Leonardo da Vinci. Lingerie from Victoria Secret, a supermodel? Do they often think they are...yes. Are they? No. They cannot sustain in this market. Yes their friends and family will ooh and ahhh at their images. But will true collectors support their art? All of these take passion, talent, gut instinct, not just book smart, but street smart and experience.

Ed Bicknell is an accomplished writer, inspiration public speaker and exquisite film photographer. His family owned Bicknell Photo Service In Portland, Maine. It is considered and remembered to this day as a leader in photography services. I guess what I'm saying is that he is more than qualified to make these statements.

Just something to think about the next time you take a look at the artist market around you and how you fit into it.

In the meantime I will leave you with a funny short video